6 free tips to lower your heating bill


Winter weather sometimes requires extra expenses, one of which is your heating bill. The good news is, according to the Energy Information Administration, the average heating bill will decrease this year. Heating fuel costs should be $928 for the average household, down from $947 last winter.  To reduce your heating bill even more, use these six free tips.

1.Do not use your ventilation fans- Rather than eliminate the steam from you shower, use its warmth to add heat to your home

2. Cover your feet- When your feet are cold, so is the rest of your body.  Keep your feet warm by wearing socks or slippers

3. Keep the fireplace damper closed- Hot air rises, so leaving the fire damper open is similar to having a hole in the roof. Keep it closed to trap the warm

4. Keep heating vents clear- Keeping heating vents clear from being blocked by carpets or furniture will help your heat circulate efficiently throughout your home

5. Use curtains for heat- Close your curtains at night to retain the heat inside your home. During the day open your south-facing curtains to take advantage of solar radiation to warm your living area.

6. Turn down the water heater- Turning your water heater down to 115-120 degrees will reduce your energy usage.  The reduction of heat will have a very small effect on the water and is usually unnoticed by the user.

Use these six tips to help reduce your heating bill to below the national average! To reduce your heating bill even more more click HERE to read about our low cost fixes.