Alternative Ways to Stay Warm This Winter

This one’s a little far-fetched, but we can dream. Imagine it – you go to bed right at the tail end of fall, right before the first snowfall, and when you wake up, it’s the first day of spring. All the snow is melted and flowers are starting to blossom. It solves the entire problem of having to put up with those below freezing days ahead of us!

Let The Sun In
Opening your blinds on a sunny day and letting it heat your house can save so much on heating bills during the day. The sun can heat up your house quite a bit during the day so you can lower those thermostats and open the blinds. Yes, it is that easy!


Do Laundry
On a cold winter day, it just feels great to crack open the dryer and pull out those warm clothes. It may only be a temporary warmth, but it will still feel amazing and now you have warm, clean clothes to bundle up in.

Space Heater Anyone?
If you just want to heat a smaller space with your budget in mind, consider getting a space heater. Before you go to bed, turn your heater down and your space heater in your room up. Make sure you close your door – that way, you can trap the heat in there with you.

Electric or Heated Blanket
An electric blanket is a lot like the space heater; it will keep you warm overnight for a small amount of money on your heating bill. These blankets typically hold their warmth for 8 hours – perfect for a night’s sleep!


Leave the Oven Open
Have you every accidentally left your oven on and not realized it until you are trying to figure out why your house is so hot? Turning an oven on can really heat up your home. We don’t recommend leaving it on for too long, and definitely not unattended, but it really can keep you warm! Maybe this calls for a day of baking? Yum!

Flannel Sheets
There are few feelings quite like climbing into bed with warm flannel sheets on those cold nights when cotton sheets just don’t cut it. They’re a little pricier, but they’re much thicker and warmer, and perfect to snuggle into for a deep winter night’s sleep.

Fuzzy Socks
Heat escapes the fastest through your head and extremities, so get a warm pair of fuzzy socks to keep those toes warm. It’s very difficult to ever feel warm if your feet are cold. Plus, lots of comfy winter socks come in fun colors and patterns!


Move to Jamaica
If all else fails move to Jamaica. In the month of November, it averages 85 degrees!


How will you stay warm this winter? Share with us!