Preparing Your Air Conditioner

 It appears that the never ending winter has finally ended. That means that soon you can shut off your heaters and switch to your air conditioner. Just like your heater, your air conditioner should receive regular maintenance, especially before summer. We have a few tips to get you started but you should always have a licensed professional look at it!


Before you begin working on your air conditioner be sure to turn off the power at the condenser box. This will allow you to work without getting shocked or electrocuted. The next step is to clean the air filters. This should be done twice a year but some units may need it more often. This depends on how dirty they are. When an air filter is dirty it no longer works efficiently and can let dirt and other allergens to recirculate in the air.

Your condenser unit will also have to be cleaned up. This requires that you clean out any debris from the unit along with cleaning the coils and the fan blades. Again, double check that the power is off. You don’t want an exposed fan to start moving without any protection. In order to properly clean your unit you should use a refrigerator coil brush. If you can’t find one of these then a soft brush will do the trick. Be very careful not to bend any of the parts of the air conditioning unit. Finish up by making sure there are no internal obstructions.

Once you have your air conditioner reassembled make sure that there are no external obstructions. This could be anything from weeds to trees, but they must be taken care of in order for you air conditioner to run properly. You should also check your coolant line. If any of the lines seem old and rotten, or chewed up, you should replace them immediately.

These couple of tips are great for a do it yourself project but we highly recommend you contact the professionals on this topic!