Quick Fixes to Lower Your Heating Bill


Help reduce your heating bill to below the national average with these 4 low cost-quick fixes.

Block That Leak. The average home has up to 9 square feet of holes in their house: window gaps, door gaps, and other various spot. Covering leaks will reduce your heating bill by up to 10%.  Use door sweeps to close in on spaces underneath doors. Use caulk or tack caulk rope cock to cover up the cold areas by your windows. Outlet gaskets can be applied to outlets outside of your home to prevent the cold air from entering.

Keep Ductwork Strongly Connected. Poorly connected ductwork can lose up to 60% of heat before it reaches the vents. Reconnecting your ductwork and fixing pipes that have been pinched can significantly lower your heating bill.

Install a Low-flow Showerhead. A low flow showerhead uses 25-50% less hot water, saving money on both power and heating bills. They usually run for less than $25.

Keep Furnace in Tip-top Shape. Having a furnace with the Energy Star sticker is about 15% more efficient than a standard conventional model. Once you upgrade your furnace it’s important to remember to maintain it.  A well maintained furnace could save you between 3% and 10% on your heating bill.   Fred’s Heating and Air Conditioning is in the final days of our 50th Anniversary Special. Click here to receive a furnace check for only $50. Air filters are also a wise investment. Air Filters can clog a furnace but cost only $3-15 to replace.

Taking advantage of these low cost improvements can make a significant impact on your heating bill.  You can also lower your heating bill by clicking HERE and following these 6 free tips.