Replacing your thermostat

You hear us talk a lot about the importance of having your furnace tuned up once a year and how to save money on your heating and energy bills. One of the most cost effective ways to do this is to install a programmable thermostat in your home. It automatically regulates the temperature in your house and reduces energy costs. Regardless of your electrical experience you can easily install one in your home. Follow this step by step tutorial and you’ll be saving money in no time.


Step 1

Before you go out and buy a thermostat, do the research and find out which one works best for your system. Check the user manual of your system before you leave and find a package that will work. Most replacement thermostats are compatible with a majority of systems so this shouldn’t be too hard to find. If you can’t find your paper manual then you should go online to the manufacturer’s webpage. They will have a digital copy you can get for free.

Step 2

Take a look at the instruction manual for the old thermostat and get a feel for where all the wires are located. Most thermostats have similar installation methods but you should always read all materials before beginning something new. Make sure you turn off the power to your thermostat to avoid being shocked or electrocuted. This is extremely important and should not be overlooked.

Step 3

You can now start to dismantle the old thermostat and be on your way to money and energy savings. Remove the old thermostat from the wall, typically by sliding it upwards. You can then loosen the screws that attach it to the wall plate. Not all models have a wall plate so this can be skipped if  it does not apply.

Step 4

While taking off the old thermostat pay attention to how the wires are connected. Most of these wires are labeled with letters to help you keep connections straight, although it doesn’t hurt to write them down. We recommend you also tape the wires to the wall at this point to prevent them from falling back into the open hole.

Step 5

Now it is time to finish up the process. Attach the new wall plate to the wall and make sure it is level. Use the notes that you took to reattach the wires to their proper connections. Once you are finished and the thermostat is slid back onto the wall, you can turn the power back on to the thermostat. You should make sure everything is working by turning it on and going through all of the settings. Once you know the thermostat is working properly go ahead and program your new thermostat and begin saving energy and money!

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