Save on your Heating Bill

As Minnesotans, we have been rather lucky when it comes to frigid days so far this season. The winter months are notorious for extremely cold day and high energy bills. There are a few things you can do to stay warm and stay on budget this winter:

Programmable Thermostat
With this addition to your home, you can program your heat so when you are away or sleeping it will lower the temperature. The ideal temperature when you are home is 68 degrees during the day and 55 degrees when you are sleeping.


Clean and Replace Filters
Regularly changing your air filters not only ensures better air quality but also saves money. Your HVAC system with a clean filter will run more efficiently, where as a dirty filter will slow down the system causing it to cost more to run. Professionals recommend changing your filters once a month.

Regular Heating System Inspection
Just like the filter, it is important to have your heating system inspected. If it is not running properly it will cost you more money to run. Getting it checked out by a professional will ensure that it is running correctly and save money on your heating bill.

Close Off Rooms
Closing the door to an attic or rooms that are not in use will allow the heat to go elsewhere in your house. This will save money because it allows the rooms you are heating to get more of the heating that is circulating through the house, heat up faster and stay warmer.

Reverse Ceiling Fans
Most people forget the simplest way to reduce your heating bill; switching the direction of your ceiling fan. There is typically a switch at the top of the fan that you can switch for the winter and it will help save energy. It can cut the heating bill by as much as 10%!


Lower your Thermostat
Did you know you can save 1 to 3 percent on your heating bill for every degree you lower your thermostat? These costs definitely add up! If you get a little cold and don’t want to lower your heat, check out these alternative ways to stay warm so you can still save!

Use the Sun
The temperature outside may be chilly, but the sun’s ray are still warm! You can lower your thermostat on a sunny day and open up the blinds so it warms up your house. Darker curtains will help absorb the heat from the sun and capture more free heat for your home.

Seal Any Cracks
If there are cracks in your windows, doors, or anywhere in your house the heat is just escaping. Make sure you seal off and cracks to keep your heat in. Plastic window kits and caulk are a good place to start, but dont hesitate to replace any door or window frames that leak too much. It may seem like an expensive fix at first, but will save you in the long run!

We, at Fred’s, hope these tips will help you save money on heating bills this winter season!