Save Money & Energy while Cooling Your Home

Winter is over & summer is near, which means you can shut off those heaters get ready to turn on your air conditioner. Many people avoid turning on their air conditioner until they absolutely have to because of the extra costs of running your cooling system. To save money & energy while cooling your house and keeping your home at a comfortable temperature, follow these tips!

Tip #1: Buy a programmable thermostat if you do not already own one! Not only does a programmable thermostat let you automatically adjust the temperature, but it also will save you almost $200 a year. This is possible because you can set your thermostat to turn off during certain hours, like when you are at work or sleeping.

Tip #2: Look for any leaky air ducts in your house. On average, a house in the United States loses around 20% of its cooling energy because of leaky ducts. By stopping a leak you can cool your home more efficiently while saving money and energy at the same time!

Tip #3: Make sure your attic is properly insulated. By doing this you can prevent cold air from escaping from your home and reduce energy and cooling costs. We also recommend that you close any of the vents in rooms and areas of your house that you rarely move. This will allow more of the cold air to go to areas that you use often!

Tip #4: Check the condition of your air conditioner. Are you noticing that your house doesn’t seem as cool and comfortable as it has the past couple of years? This could be the result of your air conditioner needing to be replaced. If this is happening to you, have one of the qualified professionals from Fred’s come out and look at your system!

Tip #5: Change your light bulbs. Believe it or not, your light bulbs may be heating up your home and costing you more money! Replace any old light bulbs with Energy Star bulbs that use two-thirds less energy. They also produce less heat than a standard light bulb.

Tip #6: Turn off and/or unplug unused appliances. Another way that you can save energy and money on your cooling bill is to turn off and unplug any appliances that are not in use!

Tip #7: Ceiling fans! You can also turn your ceiling fan in a clockwise direction. This will redirect the air in that room and save on cooling costs.

By following these quick and simple tips you will be able to save money on your cooling and energy bills in the future. For more information contact one of the professionals at Fred’s Heating and Air Conditioning!